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Find the perfect graphic for your next project in our collection of unique vector illustrations, photos, poster and invitation templates, seamless patterns and more. All handcrafted at Wing’s Art and Design Studio.

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We draw on years of experience in Graphic Design and Illustration to create professional quality artwork that our customers recognize as more than just stock. Professional quality creative tools with added wow factor.

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We used them to help us design our wedding table names, invites, table plans, RSVPs, etc - so just wanted to say a huge thank you, they were worth every penny. We had great comments about them and would not have been possible to make them without your templates!

Dan Arnold - Epic Art Deco Bundle

I had to design an 80th anniversary celebration event invitation (for an organization established in 1934) and these were perfect designs for the job. Thanks so much! They were beautifully set up in such a way as to make editing a breeze and I'm really happy with the results!

R.E. Griffiths - Art Deco Backgrounds and Frames Volume 2

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Burlesque posters and pin-ups Vector Illustrations

Burlesque Poster Templates

This poster template comes from the Burlesque Deluxe Collection which includes a set of six professionally illustrated pin-ups set against their own unique backdrop with preset text areas and subtle design elements. What makes these special is the classic hand-drawn style in which they were created, using brush, pen and ink techniques straight out of the comic books. These are now available to you as six fully editable vector illustrations and templates and make for some eye-popping posters.

Editable Vector Graphics

1950s Retro style logos vector illustrations

1950's Style Retro Vector Logo

This 1950s style, all-American Bowl-o-Rama logo comes part of the Storefront Badges and Logos Collection which offers fully editable vector files including pre-set text paths and individually layered elements. This makes editing the text to suit your needs an absolute breeze, and with all the interchangeable elements the preset versions we’ve provided are just the start. There are literally countless design options available! All of the included Photoshop PSD files offer the same level of customisation.

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