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Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness Poster by Illustrator Chris king www.wingsart.net

Army of Darkness gets a comic book style Alternative Movie Poster Treatment.

Another new movie poster illustration to start the week based on my personal favorite of the EVIL DEAD Trilogy, Army of Darkness. Starring Bruce Campbell on top form in a pitch perfect horror/comedy, my poster illustration adds 1980’s inspired fantasy/adventure styling to the mix. See below for some notes on the making of the poster.

As the slideshow shows, there was an original concept for this poster with a more romantic feel that I worked on for quite a while, even taking it to the inking stage a few times over, but ultimately failed to really capture what I wanted. The overall composition was a little dull and didn’t match my feelings about the spirit of the film. So I worked on a new draft taking strong influence from 1980’s fantasy posters from amazing artists such as Drew Struzan and ended up with something that I really liked. My usual process of inking as separate parts was used, but this time I’ve gone for a much more rendered look (mixing inks and pencils which I don’t usually do) as this felt appropriate and something i’ve wanted to try. Tonal values are put down in grayscale first and then worked over in colour (Photoshop) to finish. Hey presto! One Army of Darkness poster and a new self-promotional piece I’m pretty pleased with. Hail to the King baby!