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Drawing on the Surface Pro 4: Hunt for the Perfect Portable Workstation

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Desktop Set-Up
Does Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 offer a legitimate alternative to my desktop computer? I'm on the hunt for that perfect, portable workstation for designers and illustrators. Back in January I went shopping for the perfect, portable computer that suited my work as a designer and illustrator. My conditions were that it must be powerful enough to...

The Malena Drawings: Portraits of Monica Bellucci

Malena Monica Bellucci Illustration by Christopher King

Drawing after work: A collection of illustrations inspired by the movie ‘Malena’  directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and starring Monica Bellucci. If you follow my Instagram feed you will have already seen snippets of these illustrations, the result of taking a few days off work to simply draw without an agenda or commercial interest. Whenever I draw for fun…

In Conversation with DesignCuts.com

Chris King Illustrator and Designer Interview
An interview with the team at DesignCuts.com packed with practical advice expert tips for budding designers. To celebrate the launch of a brand new marketplace on designcuts.com, the team invited me to answer their most requested interview questions, from which you'll learn a little about me, my working practice, likes, dislikes, and thoughts about starting a career in graphic design. You'll find...

Vector Ink Textures that You’ll Use Again and Again, for Free from wingsart.net

Every graphic designer or illustrator needs a 'go to' library of textures and effects on hand when the need arrises. Collecting over a decades worth my own ink textures, brush strokes, hand-drawn shapes and illustrations, Raw Materials: Ink Edition is a product that you'll return to again and again for authentic, real world effects. In this...

Hungry for more Awesome 80s Patterns? Grab this Free Trial Pack!

1980s Pattern Designs by wingsart
I'm loving 1980s design at the moment. Over the last few months i've been soaking up countless movies, books, magazines and albums from this most colourful era. The result; another awesome collection of 80s inspired seamless patterns! Bigger, better and louder than before, this free trial download includes two patterns from 1980s Retro Fashion Patterns Volume 2, including...

Grab These Free Patterns from the Chart-Topping 1980s Graphics Pack

1980s Retro Fashion Patterns by wingsart for adobe photoshop and illustrator
The 1980s design aesthetic is back in a big way and you can start experimenting with your own design work today thanks this free download from wingsart.net. Included are two seamless patterns from the best-selling 1980s Retro Fashion Patterns collection including the design 'Saturday 7am' and bonus pattern 'Wave'. Each are provided as editable vectors and as a...

David Downton: Portraits of the World’s Most Stylish Women

David Downton Book - Portraits of the World's Most Stylish Women
A long-awaited collection from an illustrator synonymous with fashion, David Downton offers classical glamour with portraits of the world’s most stylish women. Often imitated, but never equalled, it’s amazing to learn that the career of fashion illustrator David Downton only really started in the late 1990s with his first official portrait of the model Marie...
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