An introduction to some of the finest commercial illustrators of the past and present.

Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke - Artist Spotlight

Darwyn Cooke (born 1962) is an award-winning comic book artist, writer and designer best known for his work on Catwoman, The Spirit and (one of my favourite series of books), Richard Stark’s Parker. He has also worked on various animation projects including Batman: The Animated Series with Bruce Timm, which became a cult favourite among…

Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle - Artist Spotlight

Eyvind Earle (April 1916 – July 2000) was an artist and designer whose work at the Disney Studios during the 1950s contributed to some their best-loved features including two of my favourites, Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp. His unmistakable style is particularly evident in Sleeping Beauty with his beautifully designed backgrounds, characters and colour…

Coby Whitmore

Coby Whitmore

Coby Whitmore (1913-1988) was an American lifestyle illustrator whose prolific output working at the Charles E. Cooper studio was used in advertising for top brands of the 1940s and 50s and featured in magazines including The Saturday Evening Post, McCalls and Cosmopolitan. He was counted among the top illustrators in this field along with fellow…

Reynold Brown

Reynold Brown

Reynold Brown (1917-1991) was a commercial artist best known for his prolific output for movie posters during the 40s, 50’s and 60’s with a portfolio thought to be approaching nearly 300 posters. Although he also worked extensively for magazine and advertising clients, it’s his iconic work for movies such as This Island Earth, Attack of…

Al Parker

Al Parker Illustrator

Al Parker (1908-1985) was a hugely popular American illustrator, often referred to as the ‘Dean of Illustrators’. His work appeared in all the major lifestyle magazines of 1930’s -1960’s including, Collier’s, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, Saturday Evening Post, Sports Illustrated and Vogue. His colourful and lighthearted paintings helped to define the ‘look’ of lifestyle illustration of…

J.C. Leyendecker

J C Leyendecker

Joseph Christian Leyendecker (1874 – 1951) was a prolific artist of the American Golden Age who’s fashionable depictions of sophisticated men and women graced the major lifestyle magazines of the period, including a run of 322 Saturday Evening Post covers; a figure unmatched before the arrival of Norman Rockwell. He is also well-known for his advertising…

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz (1955) is an American comic book writer and artist famous for his creation Xenzoic Tales (otherwise known as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) in which a world altered by ecological cataclysm is now inhabited by both humans and dinosaurs, not to mention all sort of other strange creatures. His work combines rip-roaring adventure stories with…

Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis (1892–1959) was an American artist of the period known as the Golden Age, with work appearing frequently in books, magazines and advertising and was comfortable in a wide variety of styles and mediums. Although all of his work is of an extremely high quality, it’s his series of popular instructional books that will…

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