Rocky Comic Strip

Rocky Balboa

My Comic Book Movie posts each week are made up of a quick brush, pen and ink sketch working to a theme set by the collaborative illustration website, Illustration Friday. Each drawing takes on average 1-2 hours to complete and serve as a great warm-up to get me started for the week, and also serve as a good opportunity to try out a new brush, brand of paper or drawing technique. Below is a slideshow showing my post for Rocky Balboa in which I wanted to suggest a sense of speed, strength and struggle within a boxing match.

Bride of Frankenstein

gig poster

This Bride of Frankenstein pin-up is quite an old illustration of mine and one created as part of an experiment transferring hand-drawn pen and ink line work into Adobe Illustrator using the Live Trace feature, with the aim of creating vector artwork with an effective, hand-drawn look. On reflection I’d say it worked reasonably well, and I continued to produce a few posters this way, although after a while pushing points and bezier curves around a screen just wasn’t that much fun and a little counter intuitive to the natural flow of a brush or Wacom tablet and pen.