Imperator Furiosa and Mad Max: Fury Road

Imperator Furiosa portrait illustration by Christopher King - Mad Max: Fury Road
Mad Max: Fury Road is an amazing juggernaut of a movie that introduces one of modern cinema's standout female characters, Imperator Furiosa. It's loud (very, very loud), unashamedly simple in its concept and I absolutely loved it. A two-hour fair ground ride full of over the top stunts with a refreshing absence of CGI, it's delivered one of the most exciting films in decades. Interestingly though, Tom Hardy's Mad Max is somewhat sidelined by Charlize Theron's character Imperator Furiosa; a tough tomboy with a metal arm who takes the driver's seat for most of the picture. I have to admit, that it took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to like it quite so much, but the purity of it's action scenes and set pieces that exhibit Cleopatra levels of crazy...

Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein by Christopher King
My own take on the original scream queen, Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein. When it comes to memorable characters in horror films, few are as heavily referenced and as recognisable as The Bride of Frankenstein. Like the original Frankenstein's monster, Elsa Lanchester's tortured profile in James Wale's classic Universal horror combines hollywood starlet looks, lightning streaked hair and macabre medical bandages to create one of the strongest images in cinema; and an example of perfection in character (or should that be creature?) design. I offer you my take on this goddess of horror in the form of a black and white portrait illustration. Created digitally in Adobe Photoshop, it shows a loose style that focuses the detail on her face, with thick, highly textured brush...

Zombie Wakeboarder Escapes Piranha Attack!

Zombie Wakeboarder

If the living dead riding a skateboard wasn’t enough, how about wakeboarding? Continuing my series of illustrations for the upcoming extreme sports brand Live Over Board, i’d like to introduce you to the Wakeboarder of the living dead! For those who missed my previous post, this is the second in a series for the Florida based company currently developing a range a Zombie themed T-shirts that will hit the beaches very soon. I was thinking that I should name this guy for the next one, instead of just calling him Zombie. Any ideas? Below are a few shots of the original brush, pen and ink work. For more information on my process click here to read my post on the Skateboarder illustration where I talk about it in more detail. All…

Zombie Skateboarder T-Shirt Design

Zombie Skateboarder

Ever wondered what a zombie on a skateboard might look like? Coming soon to a T-Shirt near you is my brand new illustration for Live Over Board, an up-and-coming extreme sports company based in Jacksonville, Florida! I was commissioned to produce this illustration as part of their new range of T-Shirts covering all aspects of extreme sports starting with the good old Skateboard. Followers of my work might see similarities to my old ‘Skate or Die’ image (see slide show below), and they’d be right. The folks at Live Over Board approached me after spotting the illustration and asked if it was available to license for use on T-Shirts. It was, but I offered to re-draw it for them as i’d never been happy with…

Army of Darkness Movie Poster

Army of darkness poster by Christopher "Wing" King
I give an old favourite Army of Darkness a comic book style treatment for this alternative movie poster. Another movie poster illustration to start the week, and based on my personal favorite from the EVIL DEAD Trilogy, Army of Darkness. Starring Bruce Campbell on top form in a pitch-perfect horror/comedy, my poster illustration adds 1980's inspired fantasy/adventure styling to an old-school comic book style. As the slide show below shows, there was an original concept for this poster with a more romantic feel that I worked on for quite a while, even taking it to the inking stage a few times over, which ultimately failed to really capture what I wanted. The overall composition was a little dull and didn't match my feelings about the spirit of the film,...

Key Largo

Key Largo Poster Illustration by Christopher King

John Huston’s Classic Key Largo gets an Alternative Movie Poster Illustration by Christopher King. I’m a big fan of John Huston’s noir classic Key Largo so it was an easy choice to start the new year with this poster illustration. This was inked by hand with brush and pen, mostly as separate parts and brought together and coloured in Photoshop. More details about the making of below; Some notes on my process; My poster designs always start with a series of thumbnail sketches in which i’ll begin to think about the basic layout of the poster. Once happy with the thumbnail i’ll search my books and the internet for suitable reference photography of the actors, in this case Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson. From…

12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men Poster Illustration by Christopher King

As a follow up to my The Good, The Bad And The Ugly poster, I bring you… 12 Angry men. The two versions on show here (one portrait and one landscape) were hand drawn with pen, brush and ink, scanned into Photoshop and assembled to fit my pre-planned layouts. Extra texture elements are added last on separate layers. See below for a little work in progress slide-show. Comments are always welcome.  

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