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Batman Returns

Catwoman Illustration by Christopher King

Illustration Friday’s theme of Whiskers led me down the path of Catwoman, and specifically Michelle Pfeiffer’s version of Catwoman from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. After all the different Batman movies including Christopher Nolan’s excellent trilogy, Batman Returns remains my favourite (I could even say that Michael Keaton is my prefered Batman) with its festively dark atmosphere,…



After losing the entire crew of the Nostromo on LV-426, nobody was going to convince Ellen Ripley to return. Corporate lackey, Carter Burke manipulates her into facing the Alien for a second time in this scene from James Cameron’s 80′s classic, Aliens. This week’s Illustration Friday submission.

Charles R. Knight – The Book Review


“Long before Willis O’Brien, myself, and Steven Spielberg, Charles R. Knight put flesh on creatures that no human had ever seen.” – Ray Harryhausen – Film Director; One Million Years B.C. Released this March from Abrams is the biography of esteemed wildlife artist Charles R. Knight (1874-1953). Written by award-winning author Richard Milner (also editor…

Key Largo Poster Illustration

Key Largo Poster Illustration by Christopher King

John Huston’s Classic Key Largo gets an Alternative Movie Poster Illustration by Christopher King. I’m a big fan of John Huston’s noir classic Key Largo so it was an easy choice to start the new year with this poster illustration. This was inked by hand with brush and pen, mostly as separate parts and brought together…

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