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Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein by Christopher King

When it comes to memorable characters in horror films, few are as heavily referenced and as recognisable as The Bride of Frankenstein. Victim (like the original monster himself) in James Wale’s classic Universal horror, her mixture of hollywood starlet looks, lightning streaked hair and macabre medical bandages make for one of the strongest images in cinema,…


Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho - Illustration by Christopher King

The countdown to Halloween starts here with my first of three horror favourites leading up to the fright filled day. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a classic example of sophisticated horror that manages to get under your skin by the use of clever visual design, music, and ideas; never having to resort to cheap gore  or…

Army of Darkness Comic Book Style Alternative Movie Poster

army of darkness illustration by christopher king

Army of Darkness gets a comic book style Alternative Movie Poster Treatment. Another new movie poster illustration to start the week based on my personal favorite of the EVIL DEAD Trilogy, Army of Darkness. Starring Bruce Campbell on top form in a pitch perfect horror/comedy, my poster illustration adds 1980′s inspired fantasy/adventure styling to the mix. See…