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Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein by Christopher King
My own take on the original scream queen, Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein. When it comes to memorable characters in horror films, few are as heavily referenced and as recognisable as The Bride of Frankenstein. Like the original Frankenstein's monster, Elsa Lanchester's tortured profile in James Wale's classic Universal horror combines hollywood starlet looks, lightning...



After losing the entire crew of the Nostromo on LV-426, nobody was going to convince Ellen Ripley to return. Corporate lackey, Carter Burke manipulates her into facing the Alien for a second time in this scene from James Cameron’s 80’s classic, Aliens. This week’s Illustration Friday submission.  

Zombie Skateboarder T-Shirt Design

Zombie Skateboarder

Ever wondered what a zombie on a skateboard might look like? Coming soon to a T-Shirt near you is my brand new illustration for Live Over Board, an up-and-coming extreme sports company based in Jacksonville, Florida! I was commissioned to produce this illustration as part of their new range of T-Shirts covering all aspects of…