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Case Study: Boardwalk Empire Blu Ray Menus

Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design

Boardwalk Empire use the Art Deco Bundle to amazing effect!

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating the illustrations and design tools available here at Wing’s Art and Design Studio, is learning how my customers use them once they’re let loose into the wild. These tools have been used for everything from film festivals to wedding stationery, and i’ll often be pleasantly surprised by their appearance on TV shows. In recent memory i’ve spotted my work as a backdrop on the BBC quiz show QI, as set decoration on the American sitcom Suburgatory, and now (in what can be best described as creative wish fulfillment) my original Art Deco graphics have been used to add both razzle and dazzle to the Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Blu ray!

Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design
Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design

In a special feature called Boardwalk Chronicle, viewers can watch each episode with accompanying text and video that includes character information, location details and historical facts relevant to what’s happening on-screen. This information is accessed through a simple icon system that incorporates a customized version of my Art Deco Badges that will alert viewers to new features. These graphics are available as part of my Epic Art Deco Bundle which also features a collection of stylized backgrounds, frames and seamless patterns, all boasting the classical elegance of the 1920s. They come supplied as fully editable vector graphics and layered Photoshop files allowing users to mold the designs to their own needs – as perfectly displayed by these interactive menus.

Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design
Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design

Full of the sights and sounds of prohibition era America, Boardwalk Empire has proved to be as intoxicating as the bootleg merchandise so fought over by its colorful characters. The incredible writing, direction, acting, set design and costumes combine to create a masterpiece of television that will no doubt secure it’s rightful place as one of the finest gangster epics of all-time. If only somewhat tenuously linked to the series, i’m still proud to see my work contributing in some minor way to such a great production, and couldn’t ask for a better compliment.

Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design

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