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Drawing on the Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Desktop Set-Up
Does Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 offer a legitimate alternative to my desktop computer? I'm on the hunt for that perfect, portable workstation for designers and illustrators. Back in January I went shopping for the perfect, portable computer that suited my work as a designer and illustrator. My conditions were that it must be powerful enough to...

In Conversation with

Chris King Illustrator and Designer Interview
An interview with the team at packed with practical advice expert tips for budding designers. To celebrate the launch of a brand new marketplace on, the team invited me to answer their most requested interview questions, from which you'll learn a little about me, my working practice, likes, dislikes, and thoughts about starting a career in graphic design. You'll find...

Case Study: Boardwalk Empire Blu Ray Menus

Boardwalk Empire Art Deco Style Design

Indulge in the classical elegance of Art Nouveau with these backgrounds and frames that take inspiration from the architecture and master artists of the period such as Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt. An artistic movement unsurpassed for its decorative powers and now available to our customers as a collection of four unique designs – perfect for special occasions, invitations, posters, websites and more.

Affinity Photo vs Adobe Photoshop

Affinity Photo vs Adobe Photoshop CC
Coupled with their already excellent vector based Designer app, Affinity Photo makes Adobe's subscription model much harder to justify. With Affinity Designer released a year or so ago, creatives on a budget were given professional quality vector design tools to easily rival that of Adobe's popular Illustrator software. With the launch of Affinity Photo, a contender to...

8 Questions with Christopher King

Poster Collective
The following is a copy of the interview with me that featured on Poster Collective. 8 Questions is our feature where we ask designers, artists and illustrators the same 8 getting-to-know-you questions (sort of like the web series 7 Minutes In Heaven but without the closet and awkward kissing). We’ve chosen questions we think will elicit informative, character...