Why buy from Wing’s Art?

You’re probably wondering why you should buy from Wing’s Art when there are plenty of other stock image websites out there? You’re right, there’s certainly no shortage of them, but don’t you think it’s all getting a little, well, boring? Not just that, most of it’s not of a high standard and we can do better. We draw on years of professional experience as to produce artwork and design tools that our customers recognise as more than just stock. Each product is treated like its own design brief and properly researched, developed, tested and crafted into the final product.

What is a Vector File?

Usually saved in AI or EPS formats, vectors are a type of graphic or illustration created using digital points rather than hand-drawn lines. The advantages of these types of files are their ease of editing and the ability to enlarge to any size without loss of quality. This is because they are calculated mathematically rather than by changing the pixel count.

How do I download what I’ve just bought?

All product purchases and downloads are handled by our partners at When you click on the “Buy” button on a product page you will be redirected to Creative Market where you can complete your purchase.

What are .zip files?

All of the downloads are served as regular .zip files which provide an easy way to package and compress files ready for sending. All computers can decompress .zip files as standard, but it’s worth noting for PC users that you might sometimes find files associated with the Apple Mac OS when decompressing our zip files which you can safely ignore.

What software do I need?

Minimum requirements are usually a fairly recent edition of Adobe Illustrator (for vector files) and Adobe Photoshop (for layered psd files). Some features may be limited to the recent Creative Suite edition but almost all our products are compatible with versions CS1 and above. Check the individual product listings for more details. Most of our products also contain jpg files which can be opened in all image editing software.

Do I need aMac to use the files?

Fortunately, good design is not exclusive to Mac owners. All products on Wing’s Art are both PC and Mac compatible.

Do your templates contain pre-set text paths?

Yes. Any product that includes this feature contains pre-set paths or text boxes that can you simply click and edit the text as required. Photoshop and/or Illustrator is required for this feature.

Can I use your artwork to create and sell my own products?

A standard license covers most types of usage except on products intended for sale. Creative Market now offer an extended license that provides more options for product designers for an additional fee. You can find out more about extended licenses here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Under no circumstances will any information about our customers be shared in any way with third parties. We hate junk mail just as much as you.